10 Empowering Statements from Sarah Jakes Roberts

Sarah Jakes Roberts is one phenomenal woman who’s story and journey is one that will leave you in awe. She is transparent, speaks her truth, slays her looks and never fails to spread the good word of God. This is why we gravitated towards Her (we believe everyone that has come across her have as well).

We decided to share some empowering statements from Sarah and hopes it blesses you, as much as it blessed us while curating for your digestion.

  1. You know how hard it is to be a wildflower in a world that only sees beauty in roses? Learning to grow freely in who you are without human intervention is a task that very few master. You must believe that you’re beautiful just the way you are, regardless of the atmosphere that surrounds you.When pain, rejection, disappointment, and fear threaten to pluck your courage, confidence, hope and peace you must find the willpower to resist fading into darkness and stand tall. You must trust that your space and place in this world has value even if no one else sees it right now but you. You know how hard it is to be you in a world that only sees beauty in roses?
    Dare to be the wildflower God made you anyway.

2. God frees your potential with grace, but what you do with the grace takes grit. I don’t want to just live on grace and grace alone. I want God to see that I took my grace and turned it into something. Everyone else may be celebrating the fact that they have grace, but I’m trying to take that grace and unlock another level of grace. If you’re like me and you insist on going from glory to glory to glory, this message is going to stir you up.

3. Sometimes we over complicate our lives because we refuse to make a decision. Stop waiting for someone to choose whether or not they want you. Quit waiting for someone to hand you something. Don’t allow your time to be abused. Make your business plan..take back your heart.. take time for yourself… Make a decision!

Stop just letting life happen to you and dare to be a force to deal with in life. I won’t internalize when I can use my words and I won’t back down when fear stands in my way.

4. Something happens when you find who God calls your equal. You finally realize that every love that came before was merely fraudulent and it had nothing to do with the other person and everything to do with you. The moment you begin to harness your power, own the skin you’re in, and unapologetically live in the fullness of who God has called you to be you will attract on a different level. Until then I pray you continue to ask Heaven what it knows about you that you don’t know about yourself. Heaven’s secrets are the ones that make you wake up each day and thank God for wanting more for you than you wanted for yourself.

5. I decided a long time ago that I was going to hold on to my essence. I almost let my insecurities and fears strip me of my authenticity. I thought I just wanted to have something normal. Then one day I woke up and knew that I’d spent too long trying to fix my past and that I didn’t cherish my present. That’s when I decided to embrace that I couldn’t change what happened, but I could be empowered to make sure that the pain and fear I felt wouldn’t happen to me or anyone else again…
Be your own kind of special. No one on this Earth can compete with you when it comes to being you. Stop asking for permission to be different. The only box you fit in is the one that exists within your own mind. Stretch yourself, find your rhythm, and leave your mark on this world. Don’t waste another second trying to be normal.

6. There are times when life is so predictable that you begin to wonder if you’re losing your zeal and thunder. Then there are moments when life is coming at you so fast that you’re unsure if you have what it takes to keep your head above water. Those are the moments most people hate. The uncertainty of what’s next and how things will turn out leave you with two options: faith or fear. Never forget that strength is produced through resistance. The moment you prayed for strength God introduced you to struggle. Don’t allow the storm to convince you to retreat. Instead, recognize that the droplets from the storm are watering the seeds of your present and will produce fruit for tomorrow. I challenge you to refuse to be afraid. Dare to be brave, bold, and confident in your ability to face unchartered territory. Your feet were made to walk on water. You got this!

7. I know it may not be popular, at times it even seems like it’s going out of style, but for me there’s nothing like being a woman. And, no, I don’t believe every girl born a female becomes a woman. I’m talking about a breed that takes her scars and transforms them into wisdom. Who sees every pain as an opportunity for purpose to be manifest. I mean the kind of woman that defines loyalty, courage, responsibility, and class. The kind of woman that can walk away without tearing you down because her character doesn’t allow her to stoop to certain levels. I’m talking about the kind of woman who is strong enough to let a man be a man without fear of being ran over because she’d never be connected with the kind of man who would abuse that power. Yes, I know it may seem old fashioned and maybe it’s going out of style, but there’s something about a woman who can celebrate another woman because she’s not threatened by her success, beauty, or wealth. The woman I’m talking about doesn’t take joy in another’s pain or need designer things to make her special. A woman who keeps God at the center of her being and pulls every soul she encounters into the consciousness of His love. A woman that makes you feel better even when you’re at your worst. A woman who comforts where you are, but challenges you to become better. Everyday I open my eyes I pray that God brings me closer to being that kind of woman. May you never allow this world to rob you of the beauty of being a phenomenal woman. This world needs more women like you.

8. Not everyone wants to be a CEO. Not everyone wants to be an artist. Some people’s biggest dream is just to be happy, healed, whole, and lacking nothing. I believe that when we pursue our inner dream of what type of soul we desire to have that God will reveal the purpose he has for us on the earth. Don’t despise your island. It could be the place where you become whole.

9. The only way to change your life is to change your thinking. Switch up your routine, break your rhythm, and recognize that your potential cannot be limited to how others define you. Don’t be afraid to be different. If people don’t get it then they were never meant to grow with you. The worst thing you can do is become a prisoner to who you used to be because you’re too afraid to become who God has called you to be. Don’t let surviving make you fragile, allow it to strengthen and encourage you. Your life is a monument to God’s glory. Don’t allow fears or insecurities to keep Him from doing a good work within you. When you take the limits off God, He’ll break the chains off of you.

10. I wish that I could tell you that “the one” would stroke your ego and validate every insecurity you’ve ever felt. I wish I could tell you that they’d place you on a pedestal that left you untouchable, but I’d be selling you a cheap fairytale and you deserve better than that. The one whom heaven crafts to touch your heart will humble you in ways you didn’t even think were possible. That one will make you question your motives and find the root of your issues, all while loving you every step of the way. He will be your guarantee that nothing sneaks up on you because while you’re looking one way he’s covering your blind spot. Together you’ll be an unstoppable force that unlocks dimensions to life only you two can fully enjoy and understand. This love will make you ache in this crazy, beautiful way that assures you you’re growing even when you’re hurting. No one ever tells you that tearing down walls is just as painful as the reason you originally built them, but the real one will make it worth it. I pray you stop settling for just any “one” and dare to preserve your soul for the one that widens your perspective, challenges your perceptions, and brings you closer to God.


Hope you enjoyed reading this and feel blessed already.

Dear Sarah, if you ever get to read this, we LOVE you!


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