5 Inspiring Quotes from Lifestyle Bloggers!

We could all use some motivation and inspiration from time to time. All of us!

Inspiration can be drawn from all around us, even our own reflection if we look hard enough. Thanks to social media, more people share inspiration through blog posts, captions more. We’ve come across quite a bunch but today we’re sharing a few from some lifestyle bloggers around the world.

Read on for inspiration.

1. Cynthia Andrew

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Cynthia Andrew

“When you think about things too much you, you can psych yourself out because it seems like it’s too much. I get up in the morning, i do what i need to do, and i don’t dwell. It’s just one step at a time.” – Cynthia Andrew (@Simplycyn)

2. René Daniella

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René Daniella

“Forget perfect. do your best and then grow from there. No one is an expert in all things. Do the FIRST step, the one thing you can start with and get it done TODAY. As long as you know your WHY, the HOW will come as you go along.” – René Daniella ( @ownbyfemme )

3. Toyosi Gregory Jonah

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Toyosi Gregory Jonah

“A lot of people are looking at your life, drawing inspiration and strength from your victories. Do them a favor, fight on. Most may not speak to you, but are deeply inspired by your journey, and believe in their own greatness because of you!” – Toyosi Gregory Jonah ( @tgjonah )

4. Unakem


” Nobody is perfect. We all have struggles. But we’ve got to stop running from it all. Learn to FEEL and express those emotions (in a healthy way). Cry, yell, stomp…get that ish out! Do not keep it bottled up. So keep your head up! We’re in this together. Be encouraged and believe me when I say you are not alone and that we will be OK! ” – Unakem ( @_Unakem )

5. Britney


“Let life live through you, don’t try to resist changes that comes your way… Be strong and be determined. Worry less even if things are not the way you want, look at the bright side. Have time to reflect from where you are coming to where you are now and be grateful. But, never dwell on progression just keep moving forward and keep growing. Time is not standing still… it keeps moving. ” – Britney ( @yummeelicious )

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