New Mum talks “Mum Shaming” in Powerful Instagram Post!

If you’ve ever felt judged while trying your best to raise your child, don’t worry, you are not alone. Mums everywhere have to deal with this sort of mum-shaming, whether it’s about taking epidural or not being able to breastfeed! Gorgeous VIP Flight Attendant and Trainer who recently became a new mum took to instagram earlier today to share her experience with a powerful post on the reality of “Mum Shaming”.

“Being a mother.. learning the true meaning of unconditional love, what a roller coaster of emotions, what an awakening… nothing compares. But why are we so cruel to each other? Why do we try to find a negative in something so positive, something so beautiful.” She wrote.

I had no idea what ‘mommy shaming’ truly meant till now, and it’s so sad that it happens and that the term even exists. It’s so sad. It makes you doubt yourself and your ability to be a good mum, question your decisions and lose your confidence. It starts during the pregnancy, with questions and opinions about birthing choices and then when you become a mother, it’s breastfeeding vs formula wars and parenting ideas… Let’s stop already. I know I know …we should all do everything ‘naturally’ but is there really an unnatural way to bring a child into this world? What do you tell a woman who labors for days and ends up cut and stitched? That she is not strong? That she is no woman at all? Choosing an epidural? Oh no!!! You should be ashamed! ‘What about the Hebrew women?’ they say… ‘but I’m no Hebrew woman!!!’ I reply.

Why aren’t you breastfeeding? Breast is best! 
But would you let your baby go hungry if you had no breastmilk? Do you know the tears a woman cries when she wants to but is unable to feed her child? Do you know how that feels? 
I don’t think so. 
Personal choices. How about personal choices? Do you not get to have those when you become pregnant? How does another person not carrying your child get a say? How do you know what is best for me? 
I can’t answer these so I will only say STOP! 
Let’s stop already! Let’s not bring another woman down for being the best mom she can be. Let’s support each other instead. Let’s compliment each other instead. Let’s love each other instead❤️”

Featured photo: Милли via Instagram

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