Be Inspired: A Word from Tianna Shanell!

“To the girl or woman who desires be herself and love herself in a world that’s pressuring her to be and do otherwise.. you have strength.

Let me tell you what you DON’T have to do. You don’t have to be half naked to be noticed by others or a good man … the man for you will see your value, with clothes on.. the way God sees you..and you must learn to also see yourself as God sees you. You don’t have to be extroverted if you are an introvert, or introverted If you are naturally an extrovert, just because society says one way is the ideal. Girl YOU are the ideal, extra or not. You don’t gotta be tall if you’re small, small if you’re tall…to be a model. Who-ever you are inspiring to be their best self, girl you ARE already model. You don’t have to give up your body or spill your intimate emotions to someone who is not your husband. God tells us all to guard our hearts.

A man who loves you will be trying to guard yours, as well as his own. You don’t have to see others as less than you in order to feel confident, or above you in order to feel humble. God loves us all the same, and confidence is not thinking you have advantage over others, it is knowing who and whose you are, and not needing the approval of people, because you have already been approved from birth by your Creator. FACTS. You don’t have to show the world how strong of a woman you are, you innately have an inner quiet strength. Your femininity is a strength. Your ability to still be loving, forgiving, and happy even through your circumstances, is strength. You don’t have to live your life through the lenses of others. God gave you a vision… nurture it, don’t compare it. You don’t have to walk with a hunch in your shoulders, you can walk tall with your shoulders back, and chin up. SWAG. There are people in your corner rooting for you. I am rooting for you.”

Featured words & photo: Tianna.shanell via Instagram

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