“What people don’t realize is when we can all come together as a collective, you automatically have magic.” – Lala Milan

Actress, Comedian and Youtuber Lala Milan gave an entire word recently after the screening of the new show Bommerang on BET. She shared a snippet of her talk on her instagram with the caption ” Today I was able to speak as myself on different topics that @blackgirlpod drew from after watching the screening of the new show #BoomerangOnBet. This show is giving me a new platform on which I can step outside of “skits” and people get to know the real me. This journey is just beginning and I’m beyond elated to be able to share it with you guys.” Read on and be inspired by what she said.

“Unfortunately, in our culture, we automatically put each other against each other when we’re in the same industry and it’s horrible. You see it everyday on the social media. “oh who wore it best?”…”Oh she’s funnier.”

All that stuff like that but it’s like… what people don’t realise is when we can all come together as a collective, you automatically have magic. Because, you can teach me something that i don’t know and i can teach you something that you don’t know. But you’re so busy afraid that i’m going to take the spot when there is so much space! Ok?

That you’re trynna withhold your knowledge from me. But guess what… I’m going to learn it, with or without you because i am that hungry. And if your a** hungry as me and you stop trying to starve everyone around you, we can all win!”

Featured photo: Lala Milan on Instagram

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