Ada Osakwe is the First African to Address a Kellogg Graduating Class.

“As I think about this honor, i recognise that I am Black First, before i am African.” – Ada Osakwe

Award-winning food entrepreneur, investor, passionate African development advocate and Kellog School of Management Alumni, Ada Osakwe delivered a virtual Commencement Speech to Class of 2020 at the Kellogg School of Management.

“I was told I’m the first African to address a Kellogg graduating class. As I think about this honour, I recognise that I am Black First before I am African.” – Osakwe said as she commenced her speech.

“In your quest to thrive, there will be curveballs thrown your way. And you have to take risks, it’s a given but you’ve just got to trust the journey,” said Osakwe who has experienced her own fair share of ups and downs as an entrepreneur and the founder of a small business.

“Now more than ever the world needs brave leaders like you and me and all other Kellogg grads around the world, to provide solutions to the existential problems being faced by humanity. ” Said Osakwe, “and so it’s so important to find your voice and help others find theirs too during these extraordinary times.”

Watch full commencement speech here:

“Finding your voice means finding meaning in all you do. Own your uniqueness, thrive in your authenticity and the rest will follow. Be kind. And as you work hard for your success, remember to bring others along with you.” Said Osakwe

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