Dealing With FIRST DAYS.

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For everything we set out to do, whether it is get a job, get off drugs, stop spending money we don’t have, start building our business, get back on the dating wheel, become a parent, go back to school, there is always a first day. 99% of the people I know have come to agree […]

empowerment of women

More of This: Women Empowering Women

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Whoever said “women are their own worst enemies” wasn’t lying or understating either. Among women, there is; jealousy, envy, bitterness, unhealthy competition, gossiping, rivalry etc. We criticize one another’s style of dressing, background and lifestyle. We get in each other’s way negatively, seeking ways to bring down the next girl when we would do much better minding […]

Ahyiana Angel

Q & A: Ahyiana Angel – Don’t dumb your dopeness down for anyone and challenge yourself more.

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Ahyiana Angel (Born in Cali) is a sassy storyteller and a former sports entertainment publicist at the National Basketball Association (NBA). She is an author and the creator of famous blog “Life According To Her.” Angel’s work has been featured on,, among others. Angel has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Marketing […]

Chats & Cocktails

HER NETWORK: Chats & Cocktails in Lagos, Nigeria

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On the 22nd of May 22nd, we’ll be hosting women in Lagos, Nigeria to an intimate gathering of meaningful conversations over delicious cocktails as they build or expand their professional and personal connections. Chats & Cocktails provides a one of a kind networking experience where women are encouraged to meet and add new female colleagues and friends […]

debbie collins

HN Feature: Debbie Collins

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Debbie Chinasa Collins is a young ambitious woman who believes strongly in achieving dreams. She became Miss Universe Nigeria after moving back to Nigeria from South Africa, that achievement encouraged her to take more bold steps in her life. She is also a poet, writing regularly on her blog and dreams of becoming a notable […]