“Don’t let anyone tell you it cannot be done, conquer it first in your mind then execute.” – Tricia Ikponmwomba

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Known as the Small Business Fixer, Tricia Ikponmwomba popularly known as “Tricia Biz” is fixing small businesses one business at a time. Born-and-raised in Lagos and ancestral Bini roots, Tricia spent over a decade working for multinationals including British American Tobacco, Nigerian Breweries, MasterCard etc. In order to translate her success working with multinationals to […]


“Failure isn’t a bad thing but staying in a box because of fear of failure is unacceptable.” – Olamide Yousuph

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Olamide Yousuph is best described by her mentors and mentees alike as innovative, a goal getter and a team player who is fiercely passionate about the Nigerian Dream. Olamide Yousuph is the Co-Founder of Utopia Media Group, which consists of Utopia Media, Arcadia Mobile TV, Section 84 and Arcadia Premium Tv with 6 years’ experience […]


“Believe in yourself, and don’t ever give anyone the power to determine how far you can go in life – you define that.” – Mpumi Nobiva

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Mpumi Nobiva, is Nompumelelo Nobiva, from Johannesburg South Africa. She is generally known as the International Speaker and Communication Strategist who has spoken at the White House, congressional fundraisers, corporate functions and nonprofit initiatives in several countries. Mpumi grew up in South Africa, and, at age nine, lost her mother to HIV/Aids, leaving her orphaned […]


“Our goal should be to outgrow our former selves and be better and not to compete with anyone who is on a different path.” Remi Owadokun

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Life Coach and four-time Amazon Best Selling Author, Remi Owadokun graced the first Guardian Woman Cover for the year 2019! In it she shared some life defining experiences, talked about her book and gave the world an insight into a movement she champions tagged #TooLateToBeANobody! We absolutely enjoyed reading her interview, so much that we […]


Q & A: Chinedu Ahanonu ”With a sprinkle of passion and a drop of determination, a crafty hobby could blossom into a lucrative business venture.”.

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Chinedu Ahanonu is a satire-loving, DIY sewing enthusiast based in Lagos, Nigeria who believes in the power of grace and self-validation. Chinedu works as an Investment Analyst by day, a blogger by night and a DIY sewist at the weekend.  She enjoys reading and writing particularly because words can take one on a journey of diverse experiences […]