“Eventually, You Understand.” – Shannon Cann

Such beautiful words from 27 Year Old Shannon Cann, Founder of Ase Naturals we had to share.

Eventually, You Understand. ⁣

⁣You understand that many things have power (really the illusion of) only because you allowed it to and that you can take that power back at any time.⁣ You understand that certain entities and beings (Archons) feed off of your energy. The easiest way to do this is through your human fear, anger and anxiety. ⁣

You understand that the mind is all. If your mind is controlled, so are your emotions and actions. You become a puppet and keep the world in a certain order. ⁣You understand that we hold so much power within and that as a collective we could create an entirely new existence if we choose. ⁣

You understand that it’s not about ignoring outside influences (such as the media), it’s about being a conscious observer and controlling what you are giving your energy to, understanding ways to use certain energies to benefit your time here.⁣ You understand that your ability to master your own mind and understand the true nature of yourself is really the key.

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