“I Don’t Want to Just Take Your Money and Sing for you, I Want to Help Change Your Life.” – Lady Gaga Gets Emotional During Oprah’s 2020 Vision Tour:

Lady Gaga last Saturday arrived at Fort Lauderdale’s BB&T Center as the first celebrity guest to participate in Oprah’s nine-city 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus Tour with WW. Following a morning packed with goal-setting activities, Oprah introduced the nine-time Grammy winner to a sea of over 15,000 screaming fans for an emotional conversation that left us in awe and many others in tears, including Lady Gaga and Oprah!

On Making The World Better:
When you give back to yourself you sit in a state of gratitude and then you are able to give to those around you and be kind. That is how we heal the world.

On What Keeps Her Going:
Women like you. Faith. Inspiration. Hope … I have radically accepted that I will put my shame in a box and put it all the way over there and make it very small. And I say to myself, “I have mental health issues, I take a lot of medication to stay on board, and I’m a survivor and I’m living and I’m thriving and I’m strong and I’m gonna take all my life experiences and I’m gonna share them with the world and make it a better place.” … I want impact.

The truth is that once I became famous I thought to myself, I will and I want to continue making music, I want to continue making movies, but I want to help people. These people that come to my shows. I don’t want to just take your money and sing for you, I want to help change your life.

Photo by Katie Jones/Variety/REX/Shutterstock

During the course of their conversation, Lady Gaga shared on her mental health journey and her mission to “solve this mental health crisis.” “This happened for a reason. All the things I’ve been through. I was supposed to go through this. Even the rape—all of it. I radically accepted they happened because God was saying to me, ‘I’m gonna show you pain. And then you’re going to help other people who are in pain because you’re going to understand it,” Gaga said. “Now, when I see someone in pain I can’t look away. I’m in pain too. Now, I’m in problem-solving mode. I’ve got my suit on and my heels and I’m ready to go.”

Read the full interview between Lady Gaga and Oprah here

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