“Our goal should be to outgrow our former selves and be better and not to compete with anyone who is on a different path.” Remi Owadokun

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Life Coach and four-time Amazon Best Selling Author, Remi Owadokun graced the first Guardian Woman Cover for the year 2019! In it she shared some life defining experiences, talked about her book and gave the world an insight into a movement she champions tagged #TooLateToBeANobody! We absolutely enjoyed reading her interview, so much that we […]


‘Life has taught me strength. With its ups and downs, I have found profound strength in pushing through.’ – Jessica Rosado

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Jessica’s passion for music, dance, and theater has kept her driven for success. While living in Virginia, she belonged to the Fairfax Choral Society and performed dramatic and comedic plays in church starting at the age of seven. She belonged to three different choirs, Heritage Choral Large and Small Ensembles, and competed in singing solos […]