5 Times Sarah Sapora Motivated Us to Rise Up!

Motivation is like taking a bath. We need a daily dose to keep going. Thanks to social media and some incredible accounts we have been privileged to come across, we can’t certainly aren’t running out of motivation anytime soon!

Sarah Sapora is a Self Love Mentor and Wellness Advocate who is driven to help other women feel empowered and live their best life! We came across Sarah’s instagram page recently and couldn’t help but share five captions that had us reeling and driven to rise up in 30 minutes or less!

  1. “Someone in my Rise Up With Sarah group asked me how I gave up believing that I was unworthy? How I have learned to love the parts of my body that society doesn’t? How I can love my body and want to change if at the same time? Here’s the thing. Nobody (and I mean, nobody) loves themselves ALL the time. Anyone who tells you that is full of it. I certainly don’t! But, what I do do is commit to coming back to a place of acceptance and neutrality when I fall away. Growth and “being in a good place” doesn’t mean you don’t struggle. It just means you are able to handle your struggle and come back to the center! Confession. I struggle with my loose skin all the time. Honest. All the time. And, as I journey on, it will only get worse. But guess what… I can’t and won’t let my loose skin stop be from appreciating my body and all it has allowed me to accomplish! And here I am, 39 years old on a damn beach wearing this bikini like it’s my job. Was I aware that I was jiggly? Yes. Did I care? No! I am SO GRATEFUL for what my body as allowed me to do in the last 20 months. Is it hard sometimes? Sure. Of course. As humans I think it’s only natural to evaluate our changing bodies… but at the end of the day, gratitude wins out.”

2. “Some of you may be wondering what I stand for? I believe that we all deserve to know we have the power to change our lives for the better. I believe we can all be strong and brave enough to look our fear in the eyes if we are willing to be uncomfortable. I believe in ditching the coping mechanisms I used when I felt anxious and lonely and, instead, hanging out with that discomfort like it’s my new best friend. I don’t believe in New Years resolutions or numerical goals associated with weight loss. I don’t believe in “before” and “after” at all. Since you’re going to ask is how much weight I’ve lost (I rarely talk about i) I started my journey around 360 and I’m currently at 262. And I gained over 10 lbs of muscle. And I’m not chasing numbers on a scale. I want to be strong and physically free to do all the things I want to do in life. Without my body limiting me. Mostly I want to be really fucking happy. So I focus on creating happiness in my own life. Even in the middle of a crap storm, like I am feeling this last few weeks, I focus on SHOWING UP. I believe we all deserve to show up for our own lives, whatever that means. Ditch your own bullshit if you want more. Own your shit, with LOVE, and then make new choices based on creating a life that fuels you and brings you joy. Don’t focus on a scale– a scale is data. But so are other things. Know what data is? The fact that I’m having a hard day but I haven’t used a food, relationship or a substance of any kind to escape from the hard stuff. I’m sitting here in the raw feelings. That’s data. That’s growth. You wanna know what I am about? I’ll tell you. AT ANY AGE. AT ANY WEIGHT. NO MATTER HOW YOU THINK YOU “FUCKED UP” IN THE PAST, YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENT CHOICE TODAY TO SHOW UP FOR THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE. Rise up. I don’t care how scared you are; we are ALL scared. You are strong enough. I promise. Rise Up. Because this is your life. And you can choose a life that works for you. And you may feel stuck, buried under a mountain of shit. But that mountain is just a mountain. Climb it. You’ve got it. One small step at a time.”


3. Sometimes I wonder if I am enough. If Sarah, in all of her flaws and imperfections, can truly be enough, just as she is. If there was no hair dye to cover my grey, or mascara, or perfectly draped dresses to hug my curves, would I still be attractive? If I didn’t “get everything right” or strive to be the best, would I be worthy? If there was one day someone I cared for, and they knew that I breathe through my anxious hopes on a daily basis, would they still see me as strong? Or would my vulnerable “room for improvements” keep them from staying longer than a second glance? If I had no frills and nothing but this big, open heart, could I be loveable? If someone saw that I stumble over my own feet while striding uncompromisingly towards the woman I believe I can be, would they still see me as a warrior? If I was seen stripped down to the bareness – the good and the bad and the fierce and the soft, all at the same time – could I be beautiful? Yes. Yes one thousand times, yes. My life is non-traditional. My path has been unique. My journey has been on my own timetable, and nobody else’s. And yet the answer is still yes. And yes again. I do not need evidence to know this is true. Even in the darkest of nights when all those doubts creep in, and the “no’s” get louder and I question every single thing I hold to be true — the answer is still yes.
It is YES for me, and it is YES for you.

4. “Look. It’s not going to be easy. The fighting for you? It’s going to be hard. And rough at times. And you may find yourself alone in moments wondering wtf is happening and questioning your choices… it’s ok. Choose you. Its worth it. It WILL be worth it. Even if you are in a place in your life right now where you simply cant see damn light at the end of the damn tunnel, keep moving. Keep moving. Keep breathing. Keep on. Show up. People will fall away… let them. It happens to me, I know. Things will fall apart… let them. Sometimes they have to fall apart to come back together. Choose you. You are worth it. You are enough. Choose you in the dark tunnel when everything feels backwards, and choose you when you are standing in the sun. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Just a reminder.”

5. “Things in life will throw you off course… stay open. People will challenge the things you were “sure” you believed in… stay open. You will stumble once, twice, many times, and you will scrape your knees when you hit the hard ground… stay open anyway. It will sting. You will question your heart. You will find yourself alone at night in your own head, dancing with the things you are most scared of, but even then.. stay open. Your willingness to love, your readiness to take the lesson and carry it, the soft spot in your heart… these are what will carry you through. People talk a lot about being a “badass” and even I love that word! But to me, what can make someone a badass is not that they are hard and closed off, or that they don’t take shit — ite that they DO it and they stay open anyway! They don’t let the crap that life flings at them drag them away from who they are. They may hurt, they may scrape those knees… but they love through it just the same. A reminder for anyone who is dealing with challenges. Those challenges are NOT YOU. They happen. But they are not WHO YOU ARE. Only you know who you are.”

If you haven’t already fallen in love with this Queen then surely, you would have resonated with some of her words. Perhaps something up there has spoken to you? If yes, then our work here is done! Do you have other favourites you may want to share with us?

Please share in the comment section below.

Love & Light!

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