LBL releases its Spring/Summer 2020 collection themed the LBL THE UNSTOPPABLE WOMAN COLLECTION.

Nigeria Fashion Brand – LBL recently released it’s “The Unstoppable Woman Collection” which Celebrates Women, unrelenting in the pursuit of their dreams, women with a resolute understanding that the world makes room for the man or woman who knows where they are going.

The new collection features a unique and interestingly diverse blend of elegant and exquisite outfits curated to complement the multi-faceted fashion needs of the upwardly mobile woman. A common thread in this collection is Elegance depicted through the use of deliberately aligned lines: vertical and horizontal lines that accentuate her feminine features in a demure way, whilst drawing attention to her strength and the versatility of her dress-sense.

In this collection, LBL used a lot of vibrant colors for outfits (dresses, jumpsuits, high-waisted pants and skirts) that can transit from power work-wear to an after-office party style. This collection also showcases some hushed tones in outfits that give form-flattering silhouettes.

Finally, the fancy side of this collection features, damask, lace and tulle fabrics for events dresses that allow her to play up or down jewelry and fascinating hairpieces.

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